Friday 20 Oct 2017

Director's Message

It is my pleasure to present this annual report, designed to be a transparent and detailed analysis of our 2015-2016 business plan. As you read this report, you will notice areas of significant achievements, milestones, improvement, and challenges. We could not have done this work outlined below without the direct support from the Pre-University leadership including President Buthaina Al Nuaimi, Sheikha Noof Al Thani, Abeer Khalifa, Peter Corcoran along with the continued and constant support from our Board Chair, Mr. Fahad Al Subaiey, and the entire board. Most importantly, we recognize this report to be a reflection of the daily work and effort of our Awsaj Leadership, Faculty, and Staff.
Significant Achievements:
Curriculum Self Study Report completed.
Mid Term Accreditation Visit from CIS and MSA.
Granted continuing accreditation by CIS and MSA with accolades.
Establishment of Awsaj Prime: an Alternative Learning Program for High School Students.
Adoption of new Math Standards.
Formation and work on the new 3 year math plan for a rigorous scope and sequence.
Transitioning of Awsaj Teaching and Learning Center into a District entity.
Development of an Emotional Behavior Disorder Program to benefit students in upcoming years.
There are many significant milestones this year worth noting: student performance in the area of mathematics improved significantly; student enrollment rose for the first time to over 400 students; Awsaj successfully passed the midterm accreditation visit by CIS and MSA; and the successful development of the Awsaj Prime Program was realized.
Continuous Improvement:
We have used the information in this report to update our strategic plan, including areas for continued improvement. Next year’s strategic objectives are as follows:
1. Graduate all students from the Awsaj Academy and prepare them for advanced education or a career in Qatar and abroad.
2. Establish Awsaj Prime
3. Influence professional development, curriculum enhancement, and systems engineering within QF schools and Doha to help Qatar better serve students with academic challenges.
4. Achieve the successful expansion and development of Awsaj Academy.
As per our continuous accreditation work, Awsaj continues to maintain a School Improvement mentality along with implementing action plans and initiatives to support our strategic objectives.
With the Awsaj Teaching and Learning Center becoming an autonomous entity, our mission and vision have changed. We are currently going through this change process.
Partnerships with Universities have dissipated as we support the new Educational Development Institute (EDI) that is tasked to serving all the QF schools in the area of Professional Development.
Our Middle School Model that we created over the past few years was impacted by a reduction in staffing.
A new plan to increase expansion of the school enrollment through Prime was put on hold due to District Budget Constraints.
The Past and the Future:
Awsaj Academy started 20 years ago as a small program serving approximately 20 students from Qatar Academy and the community. From 1996-2010 the school served nearly 100 students. Our enrollment for the upcoming year will be 430 students.
Awsaj spent five years developing the Awsaj Teaching and Learning Center (ATLC), a support system for not only Awsaj students, but also schools across Doha. Awsaj staff supported several Independent schools along with providing systems support our sister QF schools through the ATLC. This year the ATLC became a separate entity with Pamela Butters appointed as its Director. This provides the opportunity for this Center to expand well beyond Awsaj and implement consistent systems across the QF Schools while continuing to provide support for the community.
As we continue to grow and provide cutting edge expertise to not only Awsaj Academy, but the community, we have taken on the ambitious project of developing and Innovative School within a School: Awsaj Prime. This program serves non-traditional High School students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to graduate with a diploma. In total, 11 students graduated this year that benefited from our Prime Program, a blended learning model that focuses on meeting learning standards in a very hands-on way. It is my honor and privilege to be a part of these important efforts to support students in need.
Dr. Don Francis
Awsaj Academy

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