Awsaj Academy started 20 years ago as a small program serving approximately 20 students from Qatar Academy and the community. From 1996-2010 the school served nearly 100 students. Our enrollment for the upcoming year will be 450 students.

I am grateful for the Awsaj family: parents, siblings, tutors, teachers, and staff, an excellent team that has put in countless hours and unquantifiable energy into the success of each of these students. We are truly a family here at Awsaj as we fulfill our unique mission to unlock the learning potential of each student.

The Awsaj family puts kids first. When looking at our students, you will see my sons and daughters. As any parent can attest, they have been the cause of sleepless nights, immense joy and celebration, laughter, and countless vivid memories. They are all getting ready to leave the family, go out on their own, and demonstrate their individuality. As any parent, the staff at Awsaj Academy hopes that our kids go into the future with the skills, the work ethic, and the development they need to be successful in life. What is the profile of an Awsaj Graduate?

Graduates of Awsaj Academy will have evidence of:

  • Proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking in both English and Arabic.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to successfully begin post-secondary education or a career in Qatar or abroad.
  • Pride in their own culture, while respecting the culture of others.
  • An understanding of and respect for Islamic values.
  • A commitment to lifelong learning as responsible citizens.

Although these measures sound simple enough, they are not easy! Just ask our students.

Like any family, only hard work and endurance can help us remain true to the above purposes. We call on all resources to advance our children toward these goals. Parents come to Awsaj with their beloved children, hoping for the love and support to help that child be successful. With the advocacy of our wonderful parents, with the highly trained and loving Awsaj staff, with sweat, tears, and hard work, our kids grow academically, socially, and religiously.

Awsaj students are a true example of this process.

Not every child is as lucky as our graduates that sit before you. My heart breaks when parents sit with me each year telling me about their child who does not have a spot at Awsaj and how they need our school. There are many children in Qatar who could use the Awsaj Way, the Awsaj family, the systematic approach we use to help students grow and learn. Hospitals, neighbors, friends, schools and family send many our way saying, “Awsaj is the school that can help your student find success.” We have grown from less than 100 students to 450 students in seven years, but it will not be enough to meet the needs of the thousands of students that could use the Awsaj Way.

Our reputation is clearly established; our practices are sound and true. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge and expertise with others so that every student that struggles in Qatar can benefit from the Awsaj Way; regardless of the school they attend. The graduates of 2017 benefited from our progress as a school. Some were part of our blended learning program called PRIME; others received specialty services from the Awsaj Teaching and Learning Center that now serves all the Qatar Foundation schools. Our family opens the doors of our school to any educator or parent that would like to learn how we work with our students. We will invite you into our classrooms, share with you what we are doing, and provide support as schools around Qatar work toward inclusive practices.


Dr. Don Francis